The Curated Bookshelf: 3 Tips to Create Your Own

 Bookshelves are an opportunity to create your own art display in nearly any room of a well-styled home. Display collectibles, vintage treasures and modern finds alongside one another with effortless style by putting into practice these design tips. 

Curated Bookshelf

A well styled bookshelf features special treasures while adding eclectic charm and cultured taste to the room.

   Create simple groupingsThe most important factor in a well-styled bookshelf is how objects are grouped. Here, each shelf has either three items or three simple groups. This slight division allows you to feature more treasures while not overwhelming the eye. Objects are balanced based on size, color and texture, which adds visual interest. Leaving space between items prevents the variety from becoming overwhelming. Let color be your guide Follow a consistent color palette. This can create a pop of color in a room, support a room’s existing palette and keep a collection from distracting from the rest of the space. Here, gold tones connect items that otherwise may not have paired as well. Stacks of antique books offer subtle gold color as well as texture, while metallic finishes allow for antiques to be featured. Painted shelving also lends to the well-styled color scheme pictured, and can do the same in your home. Add your personality Purchasing items for the sake of a well-coordinated display will give a high-style look, but for a curated feel be sure to add personal touches. Simple frames show off family photos with style thanks to wise grouping and similar coloring. A glass wine decanter, dachshund figurine, pig bank and serving piece show a flare for antiques. Display favorite collectibles and treasures from various time periods to truly create a display that looks as though it has grown in sophistication over the years. Designing a bookshelf with a curated feel should be as easy as pulling together treasured items and pairing them in unexpected ways. Bookshelves are for more than literary masterpieces, so turn your shelving into a masterpiece of your own. By Sarah Jane O’KeefePhotography by Brett Gum 

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