Personalized Beach Cottage

 Learn how these homeowners infused a relaxed beach vibe with their personal tastes for a one-of-a-kind beach cottage.  

Plump white chairs, flowing white panels draped from the four-poster bed and warm woods come together to create a tranquil place for Susie and Mitch to escape to at the end of each day.

When Susie Mitchell and her husband, Mitch, were house hunting, Mitch had only three requirements: the house must have an ocean view, it must be within walking distance of the beach, and there had to be a garage. Luckily, they found a home that met all the requirements—but it also provided some challenges.Built in 1937, the house had been through a number of occupants and the wear and tear was evident. “When we walked into the home, it was a disaster. We knew that it was going to need a lot of work,” Susie says. As soon as they moved in, the couple set right to work creating a more personal space that reflected Susie’s style. Because of its seaside location, she wanted the home’s ocean views to take center stage. As a result, the walls and many pieces of furniture are white, and shades of indigo serve as an accent color. For added punch, she included a few zebra-print elements as well as some nautical touches.When it came time to decorate, Susie chose oversize elements to fill the bedroom. The result is a surprisingly cozy and comfortable retreat. The white walls, bed and chairs are restful to the eyes and provide a perfect backdrop for the room’s ocean views. Touches of indigo, red and zebra keep the white room from looking sterile. The dark wood floors and four-poster bed lend a grown-up, sophisticated feel.By keeping to a singular theme, there is a natural flow between all of the rooms. Surrounded by her favorite people and the ocean, Susie is relaxed. “It’s a fun house to live in,” she says, “so I hope it’s our last.” By Regan Elyse ElderPhotography by Mark Tanner 

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