An Organized Downsize: Part 4

 Organization is the hands-on way to make a fresh start in the new year. Make 2014 the year your home is transformed from cluttered and haphazardly organized to well styled and welcoming. This month we have featured Claire Hooper’s home as an inspiration for all your organization projects. Pick up her final organization tool and see how she maintains her 2,000 square-foot Laguna Beach home with her family of six.  Miss part of this home tour? Check out our original post as well as Claire’s first and second tip! 

“Color can be achieved inexpensively. In addition to flowers, artwork is another great way to add color. Plus, you can easily change up décor such as coffee table books or pillows from season to season and it really alters the look of the house,” Claire says.

 Lesson #3: Creating Charm in New SurroundingsAlthough Hooper knew she’d be updating the entire home, she still wanted to capture the charm of an older house. As a result, Claire found a way to mix modern and vintage looks without appearing scattered. Her collection of graphic-printed linen pillows add an aged touch while classic artwork add a splash of color and traditional character. Her modern rough pine coffee table in the living room melds seamlessly with the traditional entryway sideboard thanks to their common neutral color. The final key to her style, Claire says, was to add wainscoting and white paneling to the walls, as well as including beams and texture on the ceilings. These touches, coupled with modern appliances and furniture, give the home its distinctive allure. All these details would be lost if it were not for Claire’s careful organization. For a family of six to downsize, a lot of work must be done. A well organized home is the starting point for a well styled home. See how you can incorporate Claire’s ideas into your own home as you seek to update for the new year. 

Fun graphic pillows give this well-organized home a well styled, too.

  By Torrey Kim and Sarah Jane O’KeefePhotography by Bret Gum 

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