Cottage Renovation Diary: The Hot List

Max Fan Heater

Moving into a single wall construction home in the end of fall calls for one important consideration: heat.

The cottage has no central heating and the previous owners appeared to have lived like homesteaders with a wood-burning fireplace as their sole source of warmth.

From necessity, space heaters were the first addition. They had to work efficiently, not pull up the electric bill to a number higher than my mortgage payment, and look visibly appealing.

The Max fan heater has a modern, clean look that could pass for an iBook’s cousin. It’s portability allows you to maneuver from room to room and does exert enough power to warm up a small space.

Max heater: Visit

The Dyson fan heater channels a creation by Marcel Duchamp while the digital, remote control device is both functional and attractive. Though pricier at $300 it does heat up a space quickly without the clackity sound of a lower scale model.

Dyson Fan Heater

Dyson AM04: (866) 693-9766 or

Even though this is Southern California, the nights can be damp with the kind of nip I’d expect kept Heathcliff from roaming the Moors at night. Thus two oil filled electric heaters were added. These were purchased on Craigslist for a hilariously low sum though the transaction was slightly inconvenient with an exchange that took place in the parking lot of the Home Depot. One mention regarding Craigslist, if you need to buy anything, check online first. People sell everything from bricks to appliances for reasonable prices. Just be sure to evaluate the merchandise and always pay in person.

~ Jacqueline deMontravel

Jacqueline is Creative & Editorial Director of Well Styled Home. Follow her renovation and design journey as she transforms a 1930s cottage into a home for herself and her son.


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