How to Update a Window Seat

A window seat should invite light into a home rather than make it look dark and dingy. In this video tutorial, discover how to update the look of a window seat using simple fabric.

Jacqueline’s home came with a funky green fabric that was retro in all the wrong ways.  Using fabric designs that were both current and timeless, and by selecting a color pattern that blended in with the room instead of weighing it down, she managed to completely change the look and feel of her home.

Whether you enlist the help of a tailor or summon your DIY skills, you will find that this idea is simple an easy for anyone to try. Take a look at how she dramatically changed the look of her home in just a week!

One thought on “How to Update a Window Seat

  1. This is precisely the idea we were hoping for to upgrade our sunroom. With cushions and bolsters about 10 years behind the times I was under pressure to do a complete overhaul with nothing specific(except spend a lot of money)in mind. Now with a paint job and very inexpensive reupholstering with a brilliant fabric the entire character of the room is changed…and is elegantly beautiful.

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