Cottage Renovation Diary: Keep the Home Fires Burning

With its sleek, mod design, my cottage’s wood-burning fireplace could be the centerpiece pf a Saint Moritz fondue party.

My designer friends have also told me that all the happening homes in Palm Springs tout one.

Though the mustard yellow color and green tile backsplash are not my preferred color choice—consider myself more of a blue girl—I’ve come to appreciate their classically retro hues and built the room’s scheme around these organic shades.



Building the perfect fire

  • Open flue.
  • Put your largest log in the back of the fireplace.
  • Place crumbled paper, kindling or firestarter on the base.
  • (Mail and bills make for great lighting paper).
  • Place another log in front of paper, another diaganolly on top to create a X.
  • Light paper

~ Jacqueline deMontravel

Jacqueline is Creative & Editorial Director of Well Styled Home. Follow her renovation and design journey as she transforms a 1930s cottage into a home for herself and her son.




3 thoughts on “Cottage Renovation Diary: Keep the Home Fires Burning

    • We were lucky. It had been in the cottage for years! We’ll do some research to see if one can purchase anything like that these days.

    • Hello Judy: My fireplace came with the home, however eBay and Craigslist’s are great resources. just search modern retro wood burning fire stove. Good luck!


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