Turn a Sunroom into an Inspired Home Office

In Maria and Max Isle’s beachside cottage, a sunroom was conveniently converted into a light, inspiring home office. Turning a sunroom or enclosed patio into an office is a great way to maximize space in a small cottage, while offering a cozy nook to act as a workspace. Check out just a few of the benefits of this room conversion below and learn to quickly recreate this look!


The Many Benefits:

Loads of Natural Light. Getting enough light to illuminate a workspace is often an issue for those who have the pleasure of working from home. Home offices tend to be located in a spare bedroom or den, which isn’t always guaranteed to get much natural daylight.  Converting a sunroom into an office instantly solves this issue, as streams of natural light pour in from all around as you work, making it easy to stay focused!


Stay Alert with Fresh Air. Another bonus is that a sunroom will surely have tons of windows and direct access to the backyard, allowing you to get plenty of fresh air as you work. In a fully enclosed office, the air tends to get stale and =, before you know it, you’ve got  a bad case of the yawns.  A sunroom-turned-office will keep you alert throughout the work hours.


Keep an Eye on the Kids. If you’re a stay-at-home parent, a home office located in an enclosed patio will give you the freedom to focus on work, while keeping an eye on the kids. Stay close to the hub of your home, but get work done at the same time!


Great Floorplan for a Double Office. If you share a workspace with your spouse, a sunroom typically has the ideal layout to provide separate work areas without having to dedicate two rooms in the home to private offices. A back door often walks directly through the middle of a sunroom, offering two distinctive sides to work.


Get Inspired. Quite simply, a room flooded by sunlight and surrounded by natural views is inspiring and sets the stage for great ideas to be born.


How to Recreate the Look:

– Use corkboards and magnetic boards to expand your workspace beyond just your desk. Hang ideas and calendars to keep you organized.

-Take advantage of wall space. Install lots of shelving to utilize the full length of the wall space you have. Low cabinets to house office supplies works perfectly for walls with windows. Full-length bookcases offer storage for books and binders.

-Window treatments should be kept simple. Stick to roll-up blinds or linen screens that can easily retract and let the natural light pour in.

-Find a sweet spot. Make the most of the sunny room by setting your desk up right next to a window.


By Malena Jaime

Photography by Mark Tanner

Styled by Jacqueline deMontravel


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