Tips for a Stylish, Kid-Proof Home


Michelle Tingler has designed a home that suits the whole family, a place where children are encouraged to express themselves and she still can run effectively and efficiently. How does Michelle keep order and style in place and keep everyone happy? She shares her tips with us:


Kids Room

This playroom has been decked out to accommodate Michelle's children in any adventure--or mess--they might wish to make.


  • Buy things with zippers. You can easily wash and maintain these types of items so life can happen and everything can still look good in the end. Slipcovers are the key to making sure everybody is comfortable.
  • Use fancy china whenever you feel like it. I believe in using the things you love and letting my kids use it too. Instead of telling them no all the time, teach them how to treat these things. You’ll find children want to be gentle and respect special items.
  • Pick and choose your battles. I don’t mind water stains on my table, but I do set boundaries for those collectibles I keep behind glass. Be reasonable, but also give your children parameters as to what’s off limits.
  • Put thought behind your design decisions and plan for what works best for your family. I have a huge kitchen island that serves as the hub of our home and a place where I shoot videos for my site. And everyone has their spot to do homework, make pizzas or work on projects. We made the decision not to put bar stools at the island because we’d rather have storage there instead; it makes sense for us.
  • Assign a space just for the kids. A playroom or corner of the family room designated just to your children’s items will help keep the mess contained…somewhat.



By Jickie Torres

Photography by Mark Tanner

Styled by Jacqueline deMontravel

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