How to Plan the Perfect Picnic

With temperatures rising, it’s time to start thinking about outdoor activities again. Take it slow and enjoy the great outdoors by planning the perfect spring picnic with your loved ones. Follow these steps for stress-free picnic planning. 

This wagon is packed with goodies for the perfect picnic.

 Choose a location. Location, location, location–never have more important words been uttered. Plan a picnic with your favorite backdrop in mind. Try to find somewhere scenic and somewhat isolated, so you can bond with your loved ones over a friendly picnic. Be sure to check the weather ahead of time. Will it be hot? Cold? Windy? Raining? Whatever the case may be, come prepared. Pack hungry. Packing on an empty stomach may not seem like the greatest advice, but it’ll help you hone in on what you’re craving that day. Keep location in mind as well to help you narrow down food choices. Choose foods that don’t require much care (or refrigeration) and that will travel well. Remember, it’s best to come over prepared than underprepared so don’t be afraid to pack more than a few essentials. Stay organized. Figuring out the menu is important, but figuring out how to transport lunch that day is even more important. Assess whether your food will travel better in sandwich bags or tupperware–sandwich bags will fare better with casual finger foods, while tupperware should be used for more complex foods. Stow everything away into a picnic basket. Incorporate style. Add a personal touch by accessorizing your picnic. Use an old quilt as a picnic basket. Lug your materials around in a vintage red toy wagon. Carry beverages in an old pail. And don’t hesitate bringing nature into nature. Setting aside some flowers will add some charm to your picnic. Enjoy! Your hard work has paid off, so enjoy your meal and toast all your loved ones for being in your life. Written by Natalie EcheverriaPhotography by Jaimee ItagakiStyled by Shelly Baugh

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