3 Must-Haves for a Country Style Kitchen

We like feeling as close as possible to our food–that’s why a country style kitchen is our favorite. It’s the next best thing than eating on the farm. Well-lit, bright, and colorful, a classic country kitchen is never devoid without … Continue reading

An Organized Downsize: Part 2

 Organization is the hands-on way to make a fresh start in the new year. Make 2014 the year your home is transformed from cluttered and haphazardly organized to well styled and welcoming. This month we will be featuring Claire Hooper’s … Continue reading

HAPPY HALLOWEEN: Give Your Home Sweet Touch

 With the night of spooks upon us, create a Halloween that will have fewer frights and more delights with sweet treats and rustic touches.  Not every All Hallows Eve celebration needs to feature over-the-top special effects and frightful ghouls. This year, … Continue reading

House Tour: Vintage Finds in a Smooth Southern Style

 Nothing feels better than finding an incredible piece at a steal, but how to do you combine your new favorite antique with your home’s decor? Take a tour of these stylish rooms, filled with flea market finds, for great ideas … Continue reading

Fruit & Veggies–the Perfect Summer Accessory

For a completely natural and fresh look this summer, try decorating your home with touches of fresh fruit and vegetables. A bowl full of lemons or a centerpiece composed of watermelon can add a burst of color to a summer … Continue reading

House Tour: Old Charm for a New Home

Even if your home is relatively new, you can still infuse it with the charm and character of an older one. This homeowner shows you how. Loretta Kilheffer knew where she wanted to live. Being near her extended family was … Continue reading

Add 1960s and 70s Retro Sophistication to Your Home

With an eye for color and modern patterns, Sally Bartz, the creator of cool bag company Halsea, weaves her love of 1960s and ’70s retro into her home. Sally Bartz, the woman behind Halsea, is known for her adorable line … Continue reading

How to Design a Stylish Home that Works for your Family

Read how one modern mom designed a stylish home that works for her family.   When guests arrive at Michelle Tingler’s home, they immediately sense the laid-back global style that permeates the interior. Bamboo accents frame a set of sleek … Continue reading

10 Collecting Trends You Will See in 10 Years

  With everyone in the world twittering and upgrading their gadgets, owning a piece of personal history tilts the axis in a more soothing direction. These collectibles are souvenirs of what truly matters.   1. Wedding china   2. Vintage … Continue reading

DIY Idea: Repurpose Vintage Milk Jugs as Vases

  Long gone are the days of seeing crates of fresh milk delivered directly to your door. But for those that love the appeal of this nostalgic ritual,  you may consider repurposing vintage milk jugs as charming, unique vases for … Continue reading