Kitchen Décor Idea: Potted Herbs

Grow your kitchen garden indoors with these clever—and cute—ways to keep your fresh herbs contained.

Reuse a Kitchen Collectible


Don’t throw out that rusty colander—upcycle it into a charming herb pot. Line the bottom with foil and plant as usual for a pot that fits right in.


Create an Herb Centerpiece

Use a large basket or tray to corral several herbs in their containers straight from the garden store. Simply wrap the plastic pots in foil, parchment or wax paper. There’s no need for repotting, and you can simply change out the herbs once they’ve seen better days.

Match, Set, Plant!

Find a set of matching pots, jars or tins and give your view a boost with an herb garden in a window. If you haven’t got a matching set, paint a few different pots the same color for a similar and no-less charming effect.

Create Delicious Wall Art

Breathe new life into your walls—literally! Use a planter created specifically for your walls to grow a vertical indoor garden. Or, if you’re feeling handy, affix a few pots to a wood board with a band clamp (found an any home-improvement store). Paint the wood and clamp in the color of your choice for a custom hanging-pot wall. Just be sure to choose pots without drainage holes. Wooly pocket wally three hanging wall planter, $99. (619) 501-6318 or

Try These Other Herb-Garden Options

1.  Herb planter, $24.95. (877) 255-3700 or

2. Skagerak Teak Herb Pot Holder, $44.99.(800) 593-5251 or

By Jickie Torres



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