How to Create a Sophisticated Children’s Room

Sally Bartz’ style is upbeat and fresh, bring a casual sophistication to her home that is fun and relaxed. This was a feeling she wanted to ensure was carried over to her children’s rooms as well. Read on why her daughter’s room was her favorite to decorate. Also, if you missed Sally’s house tour, be sure to check it out!


Sally’s favorite room is her 3-year-old daughter Megan’s room. The crisp, upbeat wallpaper is befitting a little girl’s room, but it is something she can grow into as well. “I avoided pink so as not to pigeon-hole her into something too precious and cutesy,” she says.

Both children’s rooms are filled with items that foster their imagination as well as their intellect. The needlework alphabet chart, for example, shows colorful animals from A to Z.


A bay window adds so much light that the floral wallpaper seems to come alive. Sally does her best around the home to encourage her children’s imagination. “There are crayons and markers everywhere, and lots of crafting going on,” she says.

Megan’s room is filled with vintage flea market finds such as her armoire and chair.

The carefully selected color and large dose of whimsy in her children’s rooms encourage them to unleash their creativity.

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