8 Steps to Creating a Glamorous Vanity

These days, having a vanity has become somewhat of a luxury, with most opting for the bathroom sink or dresser as a station for applying make-up and getting ready. Yet a vanity can bring a bit of a glamour to a bedroom and is the perfect place to create a romantic display. Try a few of these ideas to set up a vanity and dressing area in your bedroom that is both lovely and functional.

Photo by Mark Tanner


1. Pick the perfect location: Find a corner of your bedroom that offers lots of light. Designate an area by a window for your vanity. You’ll find that you will use this new space all the time if it’s set up for comfort and convenience.


2. Select an antique vanity or desk as the base: This is the fun part–finding a truly special vanity that you will want to enjoy every day. Scout flea markets or antiques shops for the perfect piece. You will find that some vanities come together as a set with the mirror, table and stool already matching. If you are looking for a distinct style or period piece, this is a great route. If you want a more eclectic look, try a vintage sewing table and find a free-standing mirror that you can place atop it. Mix and match styles to suit your desired aesthetic.


3. Add an ornate mirror for a touch of elegance: You must admit that what makes a vanity most vain, is the mirror. Thus, the mirror must not be overlooked. Go nuts with romantic style and glamorous pieces. Find a detailed, ornate mirror in gold or brass. Look for a shape that boasts elegance. For a dressing area, look for a mirror that stands on the floor. Situate next to a dressing partition for a complete look.


4. Use fashion forms to display the next day’s outfit: For a feminine touch, find a dressing form used in sewing to display collections of belts, scarves, or even your outfit for the following day.

Photo by Jaimee Itagaki.


5. Find unique sculptures or jewelry trees to display jewelry: Atop the vanity, find creative ways to drizzle jewels among items. Use a jewelry tree to hang necklaces and bracelets. Rings can sit on hand forms or interesting animal figurines. Watches look great when fastened or laid flat. Don’t feel like you have to hide your jewelry away–a cluttered vanity looks elegant when it’s cluttered with jewels!


6. Drawer organizers will make an antique vanity functional for today. Often, antique tables and desks have minimal storage space. This can lead people to feel that such furniture is strictly decorative rather than functional. But with simple drawer organizers you can make an antique piece functional for today. Add organizers with plenty of dividers to vanity drawers to provide spaces for scarves, make-up, and hair tools.


7. Choose a glamorous stool: Whether you opt for a fabulous French chair or select a detailed stool, this is the place to showcase your personal style. After all, it will be your personally assigned seat! Select luxurious fabrics such as velvet or suede. Pick patterns that matches your style or bright colors to accent the area.


8. Finish the look with romantic candles and laces: The finishing touches are to add personal tokens that are romantic and sweet. Set a lace doily underneath jewelry boxes or select a sophisticated silver tray to hold perfumes. Add candles to pull together the warm, romantic look.


Written by Malena Jaime


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