5 Ways to Bring Zen into the Home

A calm, meditative state can be difficult to reach at times. But nothing lets you unwind the same way a cleanly home does. Read on to learn how to create zenlike qualities in your home. Minimalism. Rid of all your excess belongings to declutter your space. Remember, a decluttered space translates to a decluttered mind. Horizontal. Studies show that horizontal lines are typically more soothing and relaxing than vertical lines. The house photographed here is a great example of how owners incorporate lines in their design to create a zenlike environment. Down to earth. Keep the color scheme of your home muted and earthy. A pale brown color scene serves as the best reminder to be down to earth and still have your feet rooted into the ground. Open spaces. Open spaces create a vastness in your home that are reminiscent of the horizon. Natural lighting. Nature is pivotal in creating a restful environment. Let as much of that nature in but letting natural lighting flood into the windows. Written by Natalie EcheverriaPhotographed by Bret GumStyled by Jacqueline deMontravel

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